We are all faced with a most serious problem — our Earth’s Water Supply.

Earth & Water

The problem is not the amount of water availableThe problem is mankind. Mankind is polluting our precious water supply day by day. Statistics now show, worldwide, the percentage of “fresh” water has been dangerously reduced to less than 1%.

Concern over the Earth’s water supply, the increasing worldwide pollution problems, as well as the necessity of engineering ‘pollution prevention products’, must become the norm, not the exception.

At the present rate of pollution, however, and the ever increasing rate of water usage, mankind will soon find “fresh water” to be more precious than gold. The steps we take now, and in the future, will mean the difference between our children’s inheritance of an environmentally safe world with a plentiful supply of fresh water — or not.

Here at Sea Horse Manufacturing, we believe these issues to be of such importance, we have made it Our Mission to contribute to worldwide pollution prevention by continuing to improve the most powerful tools into the market: The Sea Horse Marine Sanitation Device (SMSD) Fleet. The SMSD addresses wastewater treatment for Marine, Offshore, and Commercial Land Based applications.

We Stand, Firmly Committed, to Our Planet, and to You, Our Neighbors…

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